We Gather In The Sabbath Sunday School

We gather in the Sabbath school,
Upon this blessed day,
We meet together here in love,
To read and sing and pray,
And while to bless the Savior’s name,
Our tuneful voices raise,
We know the heav’nly courts above
Re-echo with His praise.

We gather in the Sabbath school
To learn the holy way
That leads from sorrow and from sin,
Up to the gates of day.

We love to sing of Him who died,
To save the world from sin,
And opened wide the golden gates,
That we may enter in;
And all He asks of us to do,
His blessing to receive,
Is just to learn His holy will,
To trust Him and believe. [Refrain]

And as we grow in strength of years,
And labor for the right,
We pray that all our work may meet
With favor in His sight,
And in the blessed book we read
The glorious kingdom giv’n,
Is like unto a little child,
Our resting place in Heav’n. [Refrain]