We Hail Thee Lord Thy Churchs Rock

We hail Thee, Lord, Thy Church’s Rock,
With joyful acclamation!
Thou guardian Shepherd of Thy flock,
Come, feed Thy congregation.
We own the doctrine of Thy cross
To be our sole foundation:
Accept from ev’ry one of us
The deepest adoration.

O Thou, who always dost abide
Thy Church’s Head and Saviour,
Be still Thy servants’ constant guide,
Direct our whole behavior.
Thy statutes to Thy Church declare,
Still watch o’er its salvation:
Each member make Thy special care
And aid him in his station.

Jesus, the Church’s Head and Lord,
Who as a shepherd leadest,
And with Thy sacrament and Word
Thy people richly feedest:
For mercies in such countless throng
We bow our hearts before Thee,
And hope we shall in heaven ere long
More worthily adore Thee.