We Have A City Very Strong The Church Of

We have a city very strong;
(The church of God is it)
Salvation to it all along
For walls and works he’l set.
Set open ye the gates, and then
The righteous nation, who
Do constantly the truth maintain,
Shall enter thereinto.

In peace thou such an one, in peace
Wilt ever have to be,
Whose mind on thee intirely stays,
Because he hopes in thee.
Repose in the Eternal now
The hope of all your mind:
For in the Lord Jehovah you
A rock eternal find.

He brings down them who dwell on high
Lays the proud city low,
Twice low till ev’n with earth it lie;
To dust that city throw.
It shall be trodden down; it shall
By feet be trodden down;
The feet of men, tho’ poor and small
Trod by the needy one.

Sure of the righteous one the way
Is very righteousness:
And thou, O righteous One, dost weigh
Rightly each path of his.
In the way of thy judgments we
On thee do wait and will;
With souls thy name desiring, thee,
Lord, to remember still.

By night I’ve thee desir’d, O God;
My soul seeks early thee;
Thy judgments being on earth abroad,
Men justice then will see.
Shall favour on the wicked shine?
Justice he will not learn:
He’ll in the land of judgment sin,
God’s glory not discern.

Lord, thy uplifted hand these men
Won’t see, but see they shall
With shame they spite at thine; and then
Thy foes fire burn them all.
A well-establis’d peace, Lord,
Thou dost for us prepare;
All our works for us we’re assur’d,
By thee produced are.

O Lord our God, strange lords on us
Have had dominion:
But now thy name we’ll mention thus,
Thy name by thee alone
They’re gone, and shall not rise; they’re dead
To life returning not;
Thy visit them destroy’d and made
Their memory to rot.

The nation, Lord, increasing thou
Cur nation dost increase;
So thou art prais’d; and it unto
AH parts extended is.

Lord thee they humbly visited
In an afllicted hour;
Chastened, an humble pray’r they did
To thee in secret pour.

As she that is to travail near,
In pains and pangs doth cry.
In such a state, O Lord, we were;
God saw it, God on high.
We have conceiv’d, and come to throws,
Yet nothing’s in the birth;
Deliverance none in earth; and those
Fall not who fill the earth.

Yet thy dead men must live and rise;
So my dead body must
Wake now and sing, whoever is
Mine sleeping in the dust.
A dew from heav’n does on thee come,
Of springing plants a dew:
The earth which doth the dead entomb,
Shall yield dead not a few.

Come now into thy chambers; shut
Thy doors about thee fall:
Hide there a while my people: but
A while, till wrath be past.

Lo from his place God comes again
The world for sin to smite;
Earth will her bloods reveal; her slain
Earth will bring forth to light.