We Have A Dauntless Captain

We have a dauntless Captain
Who knows of no defeat;
He leads to vict’ry certain,
When in the battle’s heat;
He is the strong Defender,
He scatters ev’ry foe;
And to Him those surrender
Who come His pow’r to know.

Then we’ll take courage,
Then we’ll take courage,
Then we’ll take courage
And we’ll conquer till He comes.

He guides His children onward,
He strengthens them each day;
He shows Himself from heaven,
The Life, the Truth, the Way;
He is their one safe Refuge
In life’s tempestuous sea;
He shelters from the deluge
Of sin and misery. [Refrain]

He waits to be the Saviour
Of all who here below
Will take His offered favor,
And full salvation know;
Accept from this Redeemer
An everlasting home;
You’ll live with Him forever,
And never from Him roam. [Refrain]