We Have A Standard To Establish

We have a standard to establish,
We have a rank we must maintain,
We have a name to guard and cherish,
To keep from ev’ry faint and stain,
With watchful care and vigil loyal,
We must avoid each evil thing,
And thus uphold our ensign royal,
For we are children of the King.

Praise, give praise, we are children of the King,
True love and rev’rent service to our Father let us bring,
Praise, give praise,
Let our happy voices ring,
In a song of glad thanksgiving,
For we are children of the King.

Before the eyes of friend and foeman,
Our Father’s emblem we will hold,
A cross that shines with sacred glory,
A crown more fair than purest gold,
And we will strive, with best endeavor,
Until all other souls we bring
To bear our Father’s Name forever,
To be the children of the King. [Refrain]

There may be dangers to encounter,
There may be struggles hard and long,
There may be trials and temptations,
Before we conquer sin and wrong,
But He who leads us is unfailing,
And songs of victory we sing,
Our Father’s word is all-prevailing,
We are the children of the King. [Refrain]