We Have A Strong City In Judahs Land Fai

We have a strong city, in Judah’s fair land,
Its walls are salvation, appointed to stand;
Salvation its bulwarks that never may fall,
Jehovah its builder, He’s all and in all.

O city, fair City! thou beauteous place;
Thy gates swing wide open, thy temples are grace;
Who enter thy portals, forever remain;
There’s peace, perfect peace, for Jehovah doth reign,
There’s peace, perfect peace, for Jehovah doth reign.

Then open the gates, let the righteous who hold
His truth, enter in, and become of His fold;
He’ll keep them in peace, if their mind is but stayed;
And so they may trust Him, and be not afraid. [Refrain]

Forever and ever, O trust ye the Lord;
He’ll keep whosoever believeth His word.
Jehovah, thy strength, everlasting shall be;
Then open, fair city we come unto thee. [Refrain]