We Have Been Toiling Master Today

We have been toiling, dear Master, today;
Now, as the twilight is fading away,
Here we have gathered to rest at thy feet,-
Come in thy mercy thy children to greet.

Toiling for thee,
Toiling for thee,
Earnestly toiling, dear Master, for thee;
Toiling for thee,
Toiling for thee,
Rich with thy blessing our harvest will be.

We have been seeking, and lo! we have found
Vines that were broken and trailed on the ground;
Tenderly stooping we bound them again;
Now we are waiting the dew and the rain. [Refrain]

We have been trying to watch unto prayer,
Trying the burdens of others to bear;
Grant us thy wisdom, thy grace from above;
Help us to labor in meekness and love. [Refrain]

Lord, thou art with us; we know thou art here;
Why do we falter, and what do we fear?
If we are faithful, and trust in thy word,
Fruit in abundance our toil will reward. [Refrain]