We Have Enlisted In Christs Noble Army

We have enlisted in Christ’s noble army,
Onward we’ll march for the truth and the right.
Jesus our leader has gone on before us;
Gladly we’ll fight in the strength of his might.

Joyfully follow; Christ is our Captain;
Onward to victory he leadeth our host.
Willingly follow; we’ll go where he calleth;
Where Christ is Captain no battle is lost.

Though he may lead where the foe stands the thickest,
Gladly we’ll follow and heed his command.
Tho’ into danger our duties shall take us,
Firmly for Christ and the truth we will stand. [Refrain]

War shall be past and we’ll meet one another,
Walking the plains of that heavenly land.
Who then will join in this wonderful army,
Daily with Jesus, the Righteous to stand. [Refrain]