We Have Found The Long Expected

We have found the long-expected, Christ the Saviour, Prince of peace;
He has come with grace and pardon, every captive to release;
In the sunlight of His presence we’re abiding day by day,
While He tells the joyful tidings of the new and living way.

Hallelujah! saints adore Him,
Christ the Saviour, Prince of Peace;
All the angels fall before Him,
And their praises never cease.

O how sweet to know His favor, and how precious is His name!
“The messiah!” we have found Him whom the prophets did proclaim;
There’s a beauty in His presence never yet by mortal told,
And a joy in every lesson which in telling ne’er grows old. [Refrain]

Would you find this loving Saviour and His wondrous grace adore,
Come to Him by faith, believing, enter now the open door;
He’ll receive you, for the promise is recorded in His word,
And your soul will know the gladness of acceptance with the Lord. [Refrain]