We Have Heard The Call Of Jesus

We have heard the call of Jesus,
In the early morn of life,
To be workers in His vineyard,
Helping free the world of strife;
Haste should we to find employment,
Where He tells us we must go,
For we cannot find true pleasure,
Save in what He bids us do.

Workers in His vineyard,
Bringing Peace and Joy to all;
Thus, will we be true and faithful,
To the loving Master’s call.

Precious are the passing moments,
For our youth will fast decay,
When we can no longer labor,
As we can and ought today;
Let us then be up and doing;
We can work and sing and pray;
We can lead the erring sinner,
To the True and Living Way.

Evening-time is fast approaching;
Quickly, then His call obey;
See! the night with all its darkness,
Closes in upon the day!
Then with all our labors ended,
Having wrought until ’tis late,
We shall hear the Savior calling-
“Pass within the Golden Gate.”