We Have Heard The Cry Resounding

We have heard the cry resounding from the East and from the West,
Calling valiant men to serve our King, of all the kings the best;
We enlist to bravely battle till the nations are possessed,
For Christ, our Great Command, for Christ, Immanuel.

Shout hosanna, Christ victorious!
See His banner proudly waving over us!
Sin and error fall before us,
For Christ is leading on;
Sin and error fall before us,
For Christ is leading on.

In the annals of the world behold the writings of His word;
In the epoch-making battles see the flashing of His sword;
God is swiftly crushing Satan thro’ the strength of Christ the Lord;
Sin’s mighty host shall tremble, for vengeance is our God’s.[Refrain]

Ere the word of Christ shall fail Him, heav’n and earth shall pass away;
So for oneness of believers we will work, and watch, and pray;
We shall see and share the vict’ry of that glad triumphant day,
When Christ shall conquer Satan, and come in peace to reign.[Refrain]

Onward then, ye Christian soldiers, with the truth that makes men free,
From the mountains and the prairies to the islands of the sea;
Unto God shall be the glory, unto faith the victory!
All hail the name of Jesus, all hail Immanuel! [Refrain]