We Have Heard The Invitation

We have heard the invitation,
And are going to the feast,
For the Prince of glory spreads a table rare;
All His chosen ones are gath’ring
With the wedding garments on,
For the marriage supper of the Lamb prepare.

We are going, we are going
To the marriage supper of the Lamb of God;
We are ready, ever ready
Some shall come the grand reception of our Lord.

Would you stand among the number
Of the heav’nly gusts up there?
You must then a robe of righteousness put on;
Those that enter with that company
Must cleanse their souls from stain,
For your sins the blood of Jesus doth atone. [Chorus]

Then be ready when the door is
Opened for that grand event;
Do not let it find you lacking in the least;
Should the door be opened suddenly?
And you be ushered in,
Would you be prepared to celebrate the feast! [Chorus]