We Have Heard The Master Calling

We have heard the Master calling,
Who will go and reap today,
See the fields are white already,
And the summer speeds away,
Stand no longer idly waiting,
There is work for one and all,
Heed today his blessed summons
Hear O! Hear his gracious call.

We are going forth to reap,
To reap the golden sheaves.
There is work for all to do,
Harvest great and reapers few,
We are going forth to reap for Jesus.

There is need for many reapers
In the harvest fields so white,
And each reaper for the Master
Is most precious in his sight.
Ev’ry sheaf their hands may gather,
He will garner up with care,
Come and join the happy reapers,
And the harvest glory share. [Refrain]

When the harvest time is over
And the fields have all been reap’d,
Then the praises of the Master
On his workers will be heap’d,
He will bid us to his banquet,
Saying “Come, my children, come,”
Then with happy hearts rejoicing,
We will shout the harvest home. [Refrain]