We Have Heard Thy Call Blessed Savior

We have heard Thy call, blessed Saviour,
Ringing over mountain and plain,
It has touched our hearts by its accents,
And no longer shalt Thou call in vain.

We are coming, we are coming,
We are coming, Saviour, at Thy call;
We are coming, O receive us;
We are coming, O forgive us;
We are coming, coming at Thy call.

We are coming with heartfelt sorrow,
That we came not long, long ago;
That we strayed so far in the desert,
Where we found nothing but sin and woe. [Chorus]

We are coming, truly repentant;
All our inmost thoughts Thou dost know;
O forgive our long faithless wan’drings,
And Thy pardon graciously bestow. [Chorus]

We are coming, O blessed Saviour,
On Thy promises would we rest;
Trusting in Thy grace and Thy favor,
May our hearts now be supremely blest. [Chorus]