We Have Heard Thy Gentle Voice O Blessed

We have heard Thy gentle voice, O loving Saviour!
We are coming, we are coming at Thy call;
Take us in Thy mighty arms and help us ever;
Safely shelter, in Thy arms we fall.

We are coming, we are coming,
We are coming, blessed Saviour, at Thy call;
We are coming, we are coming,
We are safe when in Thy mighty arms we fall.

We will follow in Thy footsteps, blessed Master;
From Thy paths of love and duty never stray;
And Thy loving voice shall cheer us as we journey
To the land of beauty far away. [Refrain]

We will follow though the tempest bursts around us,
Though the waves of earthly sorrow o’er us roll,
For we know Thy mighty hand will part the waters,
And Thy peace will still the storm control. [Refrain]