We Have Lingered Jesus At Thy Holy Feet

We have lingered, Jesus, at Thy holy feet,
Sharing for an hour with Thee communion sweet;
Now we leave these altars; bid our friends farewell,
And go forth to serve Thee and Thy love to tell.

Go Thou with us, Savior,
Keep us free from stain,
To our cov’nant faithful
Till we meet again.

O how very precious have these moments been,
As we felt Thy presence with us though unseen!
Like a breath of heaven falling from above,
Seemed the sweet pulsations of Thy quick’ning love. [Refrain]

We would gladly tarry in this dear retreat,
And delight to linger longer at Thy feet,
But the call to service summons us away,
And we leave the altars where we love to pray. [Refrain]