We Have Softly Slumbered Safe From Cold

We have softly slumbered
Safe from cold and storm,
‘Neath our winter wrappings
Nestled snug and warm:-
Now the spring advancing
O’er the hills of light,
Wakes us by her summons,
Forward, in your might.

Breaking, waking from winter’s slumber
We will answer our commander’s call,
Marching onward, with our mighty forces,
We shall gain dominion over all.

Now our bold advance guard
Here and there are found:
We must haste to join them
On their vantage ground.
WE must clothe all nature
In a living green,
Touch with life and beauty
Each familiar scene. [Refrain]

Yes, the hosts are coming
Soon to take command,
Then shall waste and wildwood
Bloom like Eden land.
When we sleep or waken
They are drawing near,
But their march of progress
None but God can hear. [Refrain]