We Have Taken Up The Cross We Have Girde

We have taken up the cross, we have girded on the sword,
And together we are banded in the service of the Lord;
We will trust him for his grace, we will take him at his word;
He has told us if we love him we shall conquer by and by.

Conquer by and by, yes, we’ll conquer by and by;
Never be discouraged when the tempter’s arrows fly,
For the Lord who bids us onward with a helping hand is nigh,
Like the fearless and the faithful we shall conquer by and by.

In the battle-field of life, be the conflict what it will,
We have pledged ourselves to follow and the post of duty fill;
For our leader who commands will defend our army still,
And we know, for he has promised, we shall conquer by and by. [Refrain]

With a firm and steady tread let us boldly march along,
Looking ever unto Jesus let our hearts be full of song;
In his wisdom all are wise, in his strength shall all be strong,
Thro’ the might of him who loved us we shall conquer by and by. [Refrain]