We Hear The Precious Songs

We hear the precious songs of earth
Sound to our ears so sweetly,
What must the songs of Heaven be,
Where joy holds sway completely.

For just before the light of God,
Is Heaven’s hills adorning,
It is not far beyond the mist,
“We’ll be there in the morning.”

What are the words of that great song,
As sung by life’s fair river?
What are the tunes the chorus swells,
Where peaceful waters quiver? [Refrain]

What are the truths the anthems tell,
Where flowers bloom forever?
What are the hymns the angels join,
Where sorrow cometh never? [Refrain]

Who are the singers on that shore,
Where waves of praise are swelling?
We wonder if our own are there,
Their love of Christ are telling. [Refrain]

Ah, yes! they are the Lord’s bright stars,
He holds from His no pleasure;
Familiar voices join the throng,
And chant the heav’nly measure. [Refrain]