We In This Tabernacle Mourn

We in this tabernacle mourn,
For immortality;
Burdened with sin we daily groan,
And long to be set free.

We view this world not as our home,
But sojourn in a vale;
We seek a city yet to come,
Where joy shall never fail.

We have an house above the sky,
In heaven’s unmeasured space;
Where we shall dwell eternally,
To see our Savior’s face.

Roll on, roll on our peaceful years,
And bring our souls to rest;
Where troubles end, and doubts and fears,
No more disturb our breast.

Then we shall bid a long farewell,
To all those fleeting things;
Our clay is earth we leave to dwell,
To mount on sacred wings.

Swifter than thought we soar on high,
Above those twinkling stars;
Pass through the regions of the sky,
And all those rolling spheres.

The sun ere long will disappear,
And sinners feel their loss;
While we ascend through yielding air,
And steer the eternal course.

Now winged time is known no more,
Eternity begins;
Our souls have gained the heavenly shore,
And view the amazing scenes.

Their songs begin to sound so sweet,
Our raptured souls on fire,
To bow around our Savior’s feet,
And join the heavenly choir.

Unnumbered years shall gently roll,
And each increase their bliss;
When God shall say unto each soul,
Come dwell where Jesus is.

Then will your blessed Jesus come,
And bid the dead arise;
And call his weary children home,
To mansions in the skies.

Where sin and sorrow all shall cease,
And tears be wiped away;
And nothing shall disturb our peace,
To one eternal day.

Divine Hymns, or Spiritual Songs: for the use of religious assemblies and private Christians