We Join Our Glad Exultant Voices

We join our glad exultant voices
On this the happiest of days,
We sing while ev’ry heart rejoices,
Our hymn of grateful praise.

A song of the blossoms bright,
A song of the golden light,
Of birds in the treetops swinging,
Of beauty, day and night;
A song of the fair array
Spread forth on our earthly way,
To God the Creator we’re bringing
A carol of Children’s Day.

The earth is clad in Summer glory,
Bright raiment decks the field and hill,
All nature chants the joyful story
Of God the Maker’s will. [Refrain]

Then come with gladness, at His altar
Sing praise till ev’ry ear has heard;
His will, His precepts never falter,
All worlds obey His Word. [Refrain]