We Know By Faith We Know

We know, by faith we know,
If this vile house of clay
This tabernacle, sink below
In ruinous decay;
We have a House above,
Not made with mortal hands;
And firm as our Redeemer’s Love
That heavenly fabvric stands.

It stand securely high,
Indissolubly sure;
Our glorious mansion in the sky
Shall evermore endure.
O may we enter there,
To perfect heaven restored!
O may we be caught up to share
The triumph of our Lord!

O let us put on Thee
In perfect holiness,
And rise prepared Thy face to see,
Thy bright, unclouded face!
Thy grace with glory crown,
Who hast the earnest given;
And then triumphantly come down,
And take us up to heaven!