We Know Dear Lord Thy Gracious Ear

We know, dear Lord, Thy gracious ear
Will not refuse our call,
For Thou dost hear the raven’s cry,
And mark the sparrow’s fall.

We come before Thy throne of grace
And ask, while kneeling there,
A stronger faith and deeper love-
O Jesus, answer prayer.

We ask a faith that shines more bright
Than midday’s golden sun;
A love that seeketh not its own,
But cries: Thy will be done! [Refrain]

We ask a faith that will not faint,
Whate’er its toil may be;
A hope secure upon the Rock,
Its anchor firm on Thee. [Refrain]

We ask a love that envies not,
A love that thinks no ill;
A love that hopes, believes, endures,
And yet is patient still. [Refrain]