We Know Not Fully What We Do

We know not fully what we do,
While here in time we dwell;
But what we’ve wrought of good or ill,
Eternity will tell.

Eternity will tell,
Eternity will tell,
All that we do, of good or ill,
Eternity will tell.

Beyond the mists that dim our sight,
Thro’ all our earthly years;
The fruitage of the seed we sow,
In light divine appears. [Refrain]

Kind words that gladden weary hearts,
Will show a yield most fair;
And ev’ry deed with blessing fraught,
A harvest rich will bear. [Refrain]

Oh, may we all with patient care,
So toil in life’s wide field,
That precious fruitage to our sight,
May be at last revealed. [Refrain]