We Know Not The Day When

We know not the day when the Master shall come,
His chosen to gather and welcome them home;
He’s tarrying yet, but He bids us prepare
To meet Him when He cometh.

His coming is near-but we know not the hour,
Jesus soon will appear on the right hand of pow’r;
We know not the day, but ’tis not far away,
When Jesus in glory shall come.

We’ll watch with our lamps burning steady and bright,
Still looking for Jesus and ready for flight;
We’ll sing and rejoice, our redemption is nigh-
And meet Him when He cometh. [Chorus]

It may be at morn, darkest midnight or noon,
This only we know: He is coming and soon;
“Hold fast till I come,” is the Master’s command;
We’ll meet Him when He cometh. [Chorus]