We Know Not The Time When He Cometh

We know not the time when He cometh,
At even, or midnight, or morn;
It may be at deepening twilight,
It may be at earliest dawn.
He bids us to watch and be ready,
Nor suffer our lights to grow dim;
That when He shall come, He may find us,
All waiting and watching for Him.

Waiting and watching,
Waiting and watching;
Waiting and watching,
Still waiting and watching for Thee.

I think of His wonderful pity,
The price our salvation hath cost;
He left the bright mansions of glory
To suffer and die for the lost.
And sometimes I think it will please Him,
When those whom He died to redeem,
Rejoice in the hope of His coming
By waiting and watching for Him. [Chorus]

O Jesus, my loving Redeemer,
Thou knowest I cherish as dear
The hope that mine eyes shall behold Thee,
That I shall thine own welcome hear!
If to some as a Judge thou appearest,
Who forth from Thy presence would feel,
A Friend most beloved I’ll greet Thee,
I’m waiting and watching for Thee. [Chorus]