We Lift Our Little Voices

We lift our little voices,
As once again we meet,
And praise our heav’nly Father
In adoration sweet;
The rosy flush of springtime
Reminds us of His care,
And Nature’s voice assures us
That God is ev’rywhere.

Ev’rywhere, ev’rywhere,
In the earth, the sea, and air,
All His wondrous works declare
God is present ev’rywhere.

We cannot doubt His mercy,
For ev’ry passing day
His loving hand has led us
In kindness on our way;
And when the darkness cometh,
He doth our couch prepare,
A tender watch He keepeth
For God is ev’rywhere. [Refrain]

O wonderful assurance!
How blest it is to know
We have a heav’nly Father,
Who loves His children so;
For not a sparrow falleth
Without His loving care,
And He will bless and keep us
For God is ev’rywhere. [Refrain]