We Love Our Countrys Starry Flag

We love our country’s starry flag,
For it her sons have died;
We love that other banner, too,
Of Christ the Crucified;
To these we pledge our loyalty,
Our honor and our life,
God grant between these flags we love.
May never enter strife.

Our country’s flag! we love it,
May it never suffer loss;
There is but one flag above it,
‘Tis the banner of the Cross.

They both are emblems of the free,
Each boasts a “broken chain;”
Each has its tale of sacrifice,
For others grief and pain;
Each stands for succor for the weak,
For loyalty to right,
For largest human brotherhood,
For liberty and light. [Refrain]

But one must perish with the years,
For nations rise and fall,
And when the numbered years are done,
Earth’s flags must perish all;
But while the endless ages roll,
One banner shall abide,
The emblem of God’s only Son,
For sinners crucified. [Refrain]