We Love The Good Old Bible We Love It Mo

We love the good old Bible,
We love it more and more,
And ev’ry time we read it,
WE find a treasure store;
It stands the test of ages,
So wonderful, so true,
It tells a Saviour-story,
So old, yet ever new.

The Bible, the Bible,
We love the dear old Bible;
Our teacher it shall ever be,
The Bible, the Bible.

We love the good old Bible,
Which lights us on our way,
A lamp to guide us ever
With bright and cheering ray;
It is the word which conquers,
With power from on high,
The bread from heaven given,
Soul-hunger to supply. [Refrain]

We love the good old Bible,
For when our skies are drear,
Within its blessed pages
We find our hope and cheer;
Like jewels they are gleaming,
Those words of tender love
Which tell a Father’s goodness,
And point to joys above. [Refrain]