We May Gather Golden Sunbeams

We may gather golden sunbeams
As they fall around our way,
We may pluck the fairest blossoms,
Ere their fragrant sweets decay;
We may reap the choicest harvest,
If we sow the seed with care,
Casting out the thorns and thistles
From the fruitful vineyard fair.

We may gather golden sunbeams,
As they fall around our way;
We can reap the golden harvest-
If we labor while ’tis day.

We must keep life’s garden blooming
With no thorn to mar its worth,
While we hear the low, soft music
Of our dear ones here on earth-
Till we glean in fields of pleasure,
Where the soil doth fertile lie;
As we scatter seeds of kindness
For the long, sweet by-and-by. [Refrain]

There is toil in ev’ry station
We are called on earth to fill;
Would we reap a fruitful harvest?
We must work with mind and will;
And in all these hours of waiting
It will be our wisest plan
To be found among the gleaners,
Doing all the good we can. [Refrain]

All our deeds will live forever,
Should our hearts be false or true;
They will make or mar our pleasure
At the last great life review.
While the passing hours remind us
That the harvest-time is nigh,
We should sow the seed of goodness,
For the reaping by-and-by. [Refrain]