We May Sing Sweet Songs In Heaven

We may sing sweet songs in Heaven
When the crown of gold is won,
And the harp to us is given
For our earthly work, well done;
We may hear the Shepherd calling
For the feeble lambs astray
In the storm of wrath appalling,
At the coming Judgment day.

We may meet beyond the river
With the lambs from earth astray;
When we dwell with Christ, life’s Giver,
At the coming Judgment Day.

We may sing in Heav’n forever,
With the loving, blood-washed band,
When from charms of earth we sever,
And go up to take the Land:
There, with glory shining o’er us,
We may see the blissful fold;
And the City fair before us,
As we near the gates of gold. [Refrain]

In the land of angels singing,
We may join the songs of love;
When the courts of bliss are ringing
With the spirit choir above:
When the Shepherd’s voice is calling
For the precious lambs astray
In the storm of wrath appalling-
Then will come the Judgment Day. [Refrain]