We May Sound The Depths Of Ocean

We may sound the depths of ocean,
We may brave the heaving main,
We may climb the highest mountain,
And its lofty summit gain,
We may look with cloudless vision
On the jeweled arch above,
But we cannot know the greatness,
Of a Savior’s dying love.

But its depth we cannot fathom,
To its height we cannot soar,
We can feel the holy rapture
Of its fulness more and more.

‘Tis a love without beginning,
‘Tis a love without an end,
‘Tis the ladder where the faithful,
With triumphant songs ascend.
How it stoops to lift us upward,
How its arms the world embrace,
O the love of our Creator,
To a lost and ruined race. [Refrain]

In the work of our redemption,
It has laid the corner stone,
‘Tis eternal like Jehovah,
‘Tis unchanging like his throne.
‘Tis the gift of all most precious,
That the poorest may receive,
And it saveth to the utmost
Whosoever will believe. [Refrain]