We Must Be Merciful And Kind

We must be merciful and kind,
If we possess the Saviours mind;
In enmity we dare not live,
But freely pardon and forgive.

The soul with spite and wrath oppress’d
Can ne’er attain to peace and rest!
But slavish fear, and guilt and pain,
Must ever on that heart remain.

Dare we a right to heaven claim,
Though we profess the Christian name;
Whilst we still lack the nobler part,
The love of God to rule the heart.

To love our friends, and them alone,
That would be net to loving none;
To love a friend, but not a foe,
Such love hath ev’ry Heathen too.

But O, it is a diff’rent case
With those, who are the sons of grace!
Not eye for eye, nor tooth for tooth,
Say they, who love the word of truth.

What ill in other men I see,
The very same I find in me;
For when I search myself within,
I find the best I do is sin.