We Must Work And Pray Together Working

We must work and pray together,
Working, praying for the right;
We must fight against the evil,
Till we conquer by our might.

We’re strong to do, we’re strong to dare,
In faith and hope we’re strong;
United thus in strength and prayer,
We’ll help the cause along.

In defense of truth and justice,
Like a bulwark we must stand;
And the soul that’s full of courage
Will give courage to the hand. [Refrain]

We must work and not be weary,
Though we conquer not today;
For the rescue of our brothers,
We must work as well as pray. [Refrain]

Hark! the crystal streams and fountains
Swell the chorus of our song;
And they seem to be rejoicing
As they help the cause along. [Refrain]