We Needs Must Die Who Banished Lie

We needs must die, who banish’d lie
Cloth’d with corrupt mortality;
And drop these cloaths of sinful clay,
Within the silent grave to lay.

God no man’s person so repsects;
He fairest jewels, though select,
To dwell with Christ in majesty,
Must need submit, wither, and die.

‘Tis not in mortal bodies we,
Jehovah’s face can ever see;
But are as water on the ground,
‘Till Christ the jub’lee trumpet sound.

Then he that did our ransom pay,
Will cloteh the saints in bright array,
As from the beds of dust they rise,
More splendid thatn the sparkling skies.

Wrpt in immortal beauties bright,
Transcnedant plesures and delight;
And while each saint his friend embrace
The growing raptures will increase.