We Never Shall Be Happy If We Walk

We never shall be happy if we walk the ways of sin,
‘Tis a path that leads onward to sorrow;
If the right we would pursue, it is time we should begin,
For why need we wait till tomorrow?

Let us seek salvation today, yes, today,
Seek salvation today;
If the crown we would secure,
We must make our calling sure,
And seek salvation today.

We’ll never get to heaven if we do not learn the way,
And prepare for the journey before us;
If for Jesus we would live, we must always watch and pray,
And thus will His banner be o’er us. [Refrain]

The tempter may assail us, but with Jesus by our side,
And a hope in His power possessing,
We will make His holy word still our counsel and our guide,
And count every trial a blessing. [Refrain]