We Now Arise The Light Is Come

We now arise, the Light is come,
The Glory of the Lord appears;
No more in Darkness may we roam,
Expos’d to Guilt and many Fears.

The Day-spring glorious from on high,
Beams forth in Brightness all divine;
Our nightly Fears and Troubles die,
Whilst we in perfect Beauty shine.

The Godhead’s Glory rising bright
On us, in Christ the heav’nly Man,
Declares us perfect in his Sight,
Whilst we admire the gracious Plan.

What e’er we lost we here regain;
The End of all our Toil is come,
Nor Sin, nor Curse doth now remain,
We rest in God our native Home.

We now no Consciousness retain
Of Sin, no nor of Righteousness,
Demonstrate as what doth remain
In us, to Comfort or Distress.

But all the Consciousness we have,
Of what Condition we are in,
Is after Christ, rais’d from the Grave,
A Conq’ror over Hell and Sin.

There in our Nature greatly blest,
And purg’d from ev’ry ill, thro’ Blood,
Our Conscience finds eternal Rest,
And answers peacefully to God.