We Now With Gladness Tell

We now with Gladness tell,
What Proof our God hath giv’n,
That we with him shall ever dwell
Above the highest Heav’n.

That our Creator’s Love,
Essentially, to Man;
His Dealings with us fully prove,
Thro’ all the Christian Plan.

Such was his Love to us,
He freely gave his Son
To suffer Death upon the Cross,
And, bleeding, there atone.

For us he made him Sin,
Then pierc’d him to the Heart;
This to destroy, the Spear went in,
For this he bare his Smart.

Beneath the pond’rous Load
His sinking Spirit fell,
From Heav’n, his high and blest Abode,
To the Confines of Hell.

His Soul with Anguish rent,
His Head with Trouble bow’d;
He gave his unknown Sorrows vent,
And, roaring, cry’d aloud.

His Sighs, and Tears, and Groans,
His inward Torments speak;
His Struggles hard, with piteous Moans,
‘Till all his Heart-strings break.

His loud and piercing Cry,
Effect of Pain and Fear,
Did, as the choicest Melody,
Salute the Father’s Ear.

Not Songs of Morning-Stars,
Nor Angels highest Praise,
Could so delight his holy Ears,
Or like Harmony raise.

Such was the Love of God,
Commended towards us;
Such was the Pleasure which he had
In Sin’s Destruction thus.