We Praise The Lord Whose Love Is Great

We praise the Lord, whose love is great;
His mercies we embrace;
We enter now, his temple gate,
And thank him for his grace.

This house for sacred use design’d,
We dedicate to God;
Here may the Lord of glory find,
A dwelling and abode.

Here we approach thy sacred courts,
With reverence and fear;
We will engage our best efforts,
To worship thee with pray’r.

Lord, may this be thy sanctuary,
Here with thy spirit dwell:
To us and or posterity,
The way to heav’n reveal.

Here Saviour, shew they gospel light,
And send thy blessings down;
Bring thy life-giving word to sight,
And make salvation known.

Here let thy blessed word be taught,
To us, and to our youth;
May thousands to that light be brought,
Where in they learn the truth.

Here let us hear the gospel sound,
Attend thy word with grace;
Call many wand’ring sinners round,
To come and fill this place.