We Praise Thee God We Knowledge Thee The

We praise thee God, we knowledge thee,
the only Lord to be:
And as eternall Father, all the earth doth worship thee.
To thee all Angels cry, the heaven,
and all the powers therein
To thee, Cherubim and Seraphim,
to cry they do not din.

O holy, holy, holy Lord,
of Sabbath Lord the God:
Through heaven and earth thy praise is spread,
and glory all braod.
Th’ Apostles glorious company
yeeld prises unto thee:
The Prophets goodly fellowship
praise thee continually.

The noble and victorious host
of Martyrs sound thy praise:
The holy church throughout the world
doth knowledge thee alwaies.
Father of endless Majesty
they do acknowledge thee,
Thy Christ thine honourable, true,
and onely Son to be.

The Holy Ghost the Comforter,
of glory thou art King,
O Christ, and of the Father art
the Son everlasting.
When sinfull mans decay in hand
thou tookest to restore:
To be inclos’d in Virgins wombe,
thou diddest not abhorre.

When thou hadst overcome of death
the sharp and cruell might:
Thou heavens kingdome didst set ope
to each beleeving wight.
In glory of the Father thou
dost sit on God’s right hand:
We trust that thou shalt come our Judge
our cause to understand.

Lord help thy servants whom thou hast
bought with thy precious blood:
And in eternall glory set
them with thy Saints so good.
O Lord do thou thy people save,
blesse thine inheritanse:
Lord govern them, and Lord do thou
for ever them advance.

We magnifie thee day be day,
and world without an end
Adore thy holy Name: O Lord
vouchsafe us to defend
From sin this day: have mercy Lord,
have mercy on us all:
And on us as we trust in thee,
Lord let thy mercy fall.

O Lord I have reposed all
my confidence in thee:
Put to confounding shame therefore,
Lord let me never be.