We Praise Thee In Thy Holiness

We praise Thee in Thy holiness,
O God exalted high;
Thy glory beams in ev’ry star
That gems the radiant sky.

We praise Thee in Thy holiness,
And like Thy saints above,
We bow with rev’rence at Thy throne,
And sing Thy wondrous love.

We praise Thee in Thy mighty works,
Of ev’ry age and clime,
We feel the greatness of Thy pow’r,
And own Thy truth sublime. [Refrain]

But O, we praise Thee most of all
For Thy rich grace so free,
For faith thro’ which Thou givest us,
O’er death the victory. [Refrain]

We praise, we bless, we worship Thee,
We magnify Thy name,
Till praise meets praise, and host on host
Thy majesty proclaim. [Refrain]