We Praise Thee Jesus Gracious Lord

We praise thee, Jesus, gracious Lord,
Great Prophet, Priest and King;
We praise thee, for thy blessed word,
Thy praise we join to sing.

How bless’d are we, who know our God
Who by his word are taught:
To know that Jesus shed his blood,
And hath us dearly bought.

We join to praise his holy name,
All praise to him be giv’n.
To die for us on earth he came:
And made us heirs of heav’n.

O may we ever keep in mind,
What Christ for us has done:
For mercies great of ev’ry kind,
Jesus to us has shown.

His word it teaches us the way,
The way to life and peace;
When humbly we to him do pray,
He grants us pard’ning grace,

Our life, our health and all we have,
Our blessed Lord does give;
He came our precious souls to save,
And died that we should live.

Since God to us so kind does prove,
We praise him all our days;
For none but he deserves our love,
And none but he our praise.

The Lord will help us all our days,
In grace and love to grow.
We’ll strive to walk in all his ways,
As well as we do know.

We are in his almighty hands,
Who does for us provide;
And those who walk in his commands,
Have all their wants suppli’d.

The Lord to us is good and kind,
If we his word obey;
O then we shall be sure to find,
The things for which we pray.

For Jesus’ sake God will forgive,
The evils we have done.
Teach us a holy life to live,
Like Jesus his dear Son.

We pray thee, Lord, keep us from sin,
And ev’ry sinful way:
O may we never walk therein,
Like sheep that go astray.

For sinful ways they lead to hell,
The place of endless pain:
Where wicked man and Devils dwell,
And ever shall remain.