We Praise You God Of All Creation

We praise you, God of all creation,
and bow before you, Holy One!
We clap our hands in celebration
for all the wonders you have done.
Yet as we sing with merry voices,
and play our instruments with glee,
we know you mourn our selfish choices,
weep at our hypocrisy.

When pious prayers, pretentious giving,
and faithful vows that we declare
do not result in faithful living
or in a willingness to share,
then silence all our noisy singing
and let our psalms and praises cease,
until we come before you bringing
gifts of justice, love, and peace.

Let judgment roll down like pure waters,
and righteousness flow like a stream
restoring us as sons and daughters,
empowering us to live your dream,
a dream of people with a vision
that peace and justice will prevail,
of people faithful to their mission,
trusting love will never fail.