We Pray Thee Lord God Holy Ghost

We pray Thee, Lord God Holy Ghost,
Grant, what of all things we need the most,
Living faith, so that when life is ending
From this vale of tears we home be wending.
Kyrie eleison!

Shine in our hearts, Thou worthy Light,
Teach us Jesus Christ to know aright,
That we cling to Him, our faithful Saviour,
Who has gained us heavenly bliss forever!
Kyrie eleison!

O heavenly Love, grant us Thy grace,
Fervent love let in our hearts have place,
So that truly we may love each other,
Live in constant peace with every brother.
Kyrie eleison!

Best Comforter in every need,
Grant that neither shame nor death we need,
That our heart its courage never loseth,
When the old arch-fiend our life accuseth.
Kyrie eleison!