We Publish The Greatest Of Tiding Abroad

We publish the greatest of tidings abroad
That man through the ages have heard;
It came from our heavenly Father and God
Through Jesus, our Savior and Lord.

We spread it abroad through a world full of strife,
A call to the hastening race.
The message awakens the dying to life
And strengthens faint hearts with its grace.

When hope is discouraged, the heart in despair,
And joy like a wreck on the sea,
It opens the eye to God’s merciful care
And forces the darkness to flee.

And art thou distressed with the fleeting delight
Of earth and its vaunting display,
And seekest thou truly the heavenly light
That changes thy night into day:

Embrace, then, the word that on thee shall bestow
The treasure no moth can destroy.
It save thee from death and restores thee to grow
In courage, in hope, and in joy.

We publish the greatest of tidings abroad;
It does all our sorrow allay,
It helps us ascend to our Father and God
And unto His beautiful day.