We Read In The Sacred Traditions Of Yore

We read in the sacred traditions of yore,
Of the Beautiful Gate on the evergreen shore,
Where the souls unto whom we minist’ring came,
And gave words of comfort in Jesus’ dear name,
Will meet us with welcome, will watch and will wait,
To guide us in safety thro’ the Beautiful Gate.

Then trusting in Jesus with bright hope we wait
For an entrance, abundant, thro’ the Beautiful Gate.

Oh, those beautiful gates in the mansions of bliss,
Whose walls are of jasper and pale amethyst;
On the north, on the south, on the east and the west,
The twelve gates of pearl, in the land of the blest.
What records await us, when we shall unfold
Those gates, and pass over the streets of pure gold. [Chorus]

All honor and glory to him who hath wrought,
For God’s living temple, his treasures of thought.
The bright jewels he plucked are garnered with care,
In the crown of the Master they ever shine fair;
And gleaming high over the bright, starry throne,
Shall be the sweet welcome, “Well done,” faithful one. [Chorus]