We See The Light

We see the light of happy morn
On yonder eastern skies;
We see the breaking of the dawn
Where our salvation lies
Then let the raging billows foam,
And all creation cry;
It brings us nearer to that home,
For which we often sigh.

Oh, Jesus, come, bring back the day
Of Eden’s glorious reign;
With loved of earth we there will stay,
and roam fair Eden’s plain.

We see the light of coming day,
In grandeur gleaming high;
The veil and mist that shroud the way,
Will flee as light draws nigh
Then let the heavenly swift-winged ray
Of God’s prophetic light
Shine bright and glorious as we stay,
And wait the passing night. [Chorus]

We see thy coming drawing near;
Thy footsteps at the door;
The groanings of old earth we hear,
While winds and waves they roar.
Then let the heavenly warning clear
Sound loud from shore to shore,
That Jesus’ coming draweth near,
Old Eden to restore. [Chorus]

We see beyond the gath’ring gloom
The resurrection light;
And loved ones from the dusty tomb
Come forth with glory bright.
The living saints with them arise
To meet the coming King;
And while ascending to the skies
Their song of vict’ry sing. [Chorus]