We Sing The Wise The Gracious Plan

We sing the wise, the gracious plan,
Which God devis’d ere time began,
At length disclos’d in all its light;
We bless the wondrous birth of love,
Which beams around us from above,
With grace so free and hope so bright.

Here has the wise eternal mind
In Christ, their common head, conjoined
Gentiles and Jews, and earth and heaven.
Through him from the great Father’s throne,
Rivers of bliss come rolling down,
And endless peace and life are giv’n.

No more the awful cherubs guard
The tree of life with flaming sword,
To drive afar man’s trembling race.
At Salem’s pearly gates they stand,
And smiling wait, a friendly band,
To welcome strangers to the place.

While we expect that glorious sight,
Love shall our hearts with theirs unite,
And ardent hope our bosoms raise.
From earth’s low cottages of clay,
To those resplendent realms of day.
We’ll try to send the sounding praise.