Wealth Is A Blessing Only Lent

Wealth is a blessing only lent,
To be repaid by deeds of love;
God gives his bounties to be spent,
To hoard them will his anger move.

The world’s esteem is but a bribe;
To buy its peace we sell our own,
Enslaved by an applauding tribe,
Who hate us while they make us known.

The joy that vain amusements give,
To him who thoughtless sports and sings,
Is like the honey of a hive,
When guarded by a thousand stings.

‘Tis thus the world rewards the fools
Thank live upon her treacherous smiles;
She leads them, blindfold by here rules,
And ruins all whom she beguiles.

‘Tis thus that thousands hasten down
From pleasure, into endless woe;
And with a long despairing groan,
Blaspheme their Maker as they go.

Warned by their woes, may we be wise,
Delighting in a Savior’s charms;
Then God will take us to the skies,
Embraced in everlasting arms.

The Hartford Selection of Hymns from the most approved authors,