Weary And Heavy Laden With My Sins

Weary and heavy laden
With my sins, O Lord, I roam,
While I know Thou hast invited
All such wand’rers to their home.

O God, be merciful,
O God, be merciful,
O God, be merciful, be merciful to me.

Make my stubborn spirit willing
To obey Thy gracious voice,
At the cross to leave its burden,
And departing to rejoice. [Refrain]

Thy sweet yoke I’d take upon me,
And would learn, O Lord, of Thee,
Thou art meek in heart, and lowly,
Teach me like Thyself to be. [Refrain]

Weary and heavy laden,
Lord, no longer will I roam,
Here I fix my habitation,
In Thy sheltering love at home. [Refrain]